5 Reasons WordPress is for You!

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] We’ve often been asked “can I update my website myself”? Well, with WordPress, the answer is yes! The Power of WordPress: WordPress is the most popular blogging tool available, with 74, 652, 825 websites running on good ol’ WordPress? Yep, you read that right. That would be one website per person in Turkey. WordPress is used for more than just blogging. As a content management system, it helps anyone manage the creation and updates to web pages/content on a website. At last count WordPress powers nearly 1 in 4 sites on the Web – and of all sites that use a CMS, WordPress is the choice more than […]

Go Responsive

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] Do you remember the last time you visited a website on your mobile device or tablet and had an — ahem — unmoving experience? (Pun intended.) Maybe the site wasn’t responsive. Or perhaps it was really difficult to find what you were looking for. Or, maybe it just loaded really slowly. Think about that. A design that is meant to accommodate a 15” desktop screen gets scrunched into a 4” screen. Text becomes unreadable and navigation buttons become microscopic. This results in a frustrating mobile experience. It’s becoming more and more apparent that mobile is an important consideration for marketers as we know our customers are using their mobile devices […]

Unravelling Web Design Lingo

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] There are all sorts of specialized terms related to design and all the technical jargon can be overwhelming. So, we’ve compiled a guide to industry terms that should get you well on your way to understanding what web designers are talking about.   Above the fold :: The portion of a webpage that’s visible without scrolling. In print, it’s the portion of the paper that’s visible when folded. Blog :: Abbreviated form of “weblog.” Refers to a website that posts a series of articles on a given topic, or a given person’s life, on a regular basis. Breadcrumbs :: A secondary type of navigation scheme that helps users […]