How to Survive “The Hunger Games” of Social Media

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] With all the buzz surrounding the adventures of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games franchise, have you considered the social media lessons marketers (and business people) can learn from The Hunger Games? What do The Hunger Games and Social Media Have in Common? You Have to Fight to Survive! In the social arena, marketers are in a hunger games of their own with keeping their posts and promotional content alive and shared. Similar to how Katniss Everdeen puts on fiery dresses to attract sponsors, social media marketers need to adopt a mix of eye-catching imagery and personalized content to “make an impression”. Every piece of content you post […]

Should You Get A Holiday Themed Logo?

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] With fall ending and winter approaching, each month is bringing a new major holiday. Have you ever considered changing your logo to match the coming holidays? Changing colors or incorporating a holiday motif should do the trick.  Clean and simple is the key.  Try an alternate color scheme of brown and orange for Halloween or adding snowflakes for the winter holidays for instance, is a nice detail. The slight variation can breathe new life into your logo. You can stand out from the crowd and reinforce your message while adding a touch of fun.    Now is the time to get your logo into the holiday spirit! Do you need […]