From business cards to websites our designs are built for small and growing businesses! Here are some of the recent projects we’ve completed for clients.


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WordPress Web Design

Client: Local Security


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About Client

Local Security is a company that's extremely passionate about keeping their local community and retail and small businesses safe. Their mission is to transform the security industry by taking away the headaches and complexity of security technology. Local Security is a fresh and modern security company with a commitment to innovation and offering cost-effective solutions. From cameras, alarms, and access control systems — they have security experts who work to offer a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Website Design and Development

We worked with Local Security to create them an online presence with a WordPress website. The website emulates a clean, modern, and friendly atmosphere where design and easy user experience were combined to inspire action to get in touch for a quote. 

As always, the website is mobile-friendly and works on all mobile devices.

Skills: WordPress, Photoshop


Logo & Website Design

Client: Sheena Wilkins Photography

sheena wilkins photography top

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About Client

Sheena Wilkins Photography is a Los Angeles based portrait and wedding photographer and she's been blogging for over 7 years. She's a real girl who was once a bride herself - in love with love. Sheena promises, "to make you comfortable in front of my camera so I can capture you, being you!"

Her main audience ranges from brides who are between 24 and 40 years of age and moms who are 20+ years old.

Logo Design

Sheena felt it was time to create a new look, starting with redesiging her current logo. She loves soft pinks, golds and grays. With a love of roses and watercolor, we wanted to include that in the new design and create a dreamy, soft look.
Included in other places, such as Pinterest and hastags she uses 'SWP', which she wanted incorporated into the logo. To round it out we used a script font to bring a feminine element in and combined it with a simple serif font. The use of imagery and typography creates an overall feel of elegance and a whimsical feel.

Below are a few of the logo concepts we presented to Sheena.
sheena wilkins photography logo concepts

She loved concepts 2 and 4; asking if we could combine them. Here's the final result, compared to the original.
sheena wilkins before and after logo

Website Design and Development

Sheena had two separate websites - one for her photography and the other for her blog. She came to Twingenuity Graphics to combine her two sites into one redesigned site and for us to redesign her logo. Sheena's goal for her new website is to draw in more clients and be inviting and inspiring.

We drew inspiration from her new logo design and her photography style and personality. We developed a nice, clean, professional and easy to navigate website so potential clients can learn more about her photography. We also featured a portfolio of her photography from weddings to newborns to families, which we highlighted on the home page.
The website was developed in WordPress, so Sheena could update content and add more photography to her portfolio.

As always, the website is mobile-friendly and works on all mobile devices.


Skills: Branding, Illustrator, WordPress, Photoshop



Logo Design

Client: BIGMaven

BIG maven logo design

About Client

BIGmaven is a curated event discovery platform that makes it fun and easy to find and creates unique experiences. Instead, BIGMaven is powered by interesting people, places and organization who curate and create events in one online platform, so everything you need to know is in one place. BIGmaven is currently located in New York, but has plans to expand beyond N.Y.

Logo Design

Corey reached out to us, after Brittany designed a logo for his company NY Adventure Club. For BIGmaven, he was looking for a logo and color palette that evokes a sense of expertise and confidence that this company has. “Maven” means expert, so he wanted that expressed in the design.

To instantly convey the platform’s purpose of being in-the-know of New York, we combined a location marker icon with a crown - a symbol of expertise and knowledge.

We kept the look of the logo minimal and simple, so the concept is immediately understandable, which is what Corey really was looking for.

Skills: Illustrator

Print Materials

Client: Moms for Moms


About Client

Moms for Moms New York City is a non-profit organization and they are a group of mothers coming together to support single mothers in need by acting as a resource for essential childcare supplies and assistance.  This initiative was found in the spring of 2014 by a group of new mothers who believed that no mother should ever go without the basic needs and support having a child requires. Now over 2 years later, they have personally assisted many struggling single moms with in-kind donations, holiday gift cards, meal deliveries, postpartum care, and more. 


They came to us seeking print collateral for a charity fundraising event (Moms' Night Out) and an informational poster. We designed them a 2 sided flyer, a donation poster, a welcome poster, and a bi-fold brochure for their event. All pieces were branded and cohesive with the rest of their branding and identity.



"I have used Twingenuity now for two different projects and I couldn't be happier! They are thorough, have a great eye for detail, and have super quick turnaround times. Not to mention, they are extremely professional and easy to work with. I look forward to working with them again in the future!!"


Skills: Print Layout, Branding, Adobe InDesign

Website, Logo Design & Social Media Design

Client: Illy Elizabeth Weddings

wedding planner branding design

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About Client
Illy is the founder of Illy Elizabeth Weddings, which was created when she planned her own wedding. Illy thought that she could take the stress out of wedding planning and that’s where the idea of Illy Elizabeth Weddings came from. She is now a full service wedding planner in which she searches out and find unique products and services matching exactly to your wedding themed ideas and individual style/personality. She is located in the West Sussex, Bracklesham Bay area in the United Kingdom.

illy elizabeth wedding planner logo design

Logo Design
To reach her younger demographic, we created a design style that is shabby chic, professional, clean and uses pastel colors. Her style is almost whimsical and fairy tale inspired. We carried this brand style to all of her business designs.

We used a script font to add a touch femininity to her logo. We enclosed her name in a wreath to symbolize the infinite wedding possibilities and the wedding ring’s eternal bond between bride and groom.

Website Design and Development
Illy Elizabeth Weddings was a new start-up business and came to us to create an online presence and identity for her business. With her website she hoped to bring in new business and connect with people wanting a stress-free wedding planner. Her plan is to generate at least 1 lead in the first 6 months. We built her a WordPress website that is mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and easily to update.

wedding planner facebook and twitter cover designs

Social Media
In addition to her website, Illy wanted to begin building relationships and networking with people via social media. To appear professional and attractive, we created custom profile and cover photo designs.

Skills: Web Design, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator

wedding wordpress website design screenshot


Client: Aminata Writes

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About Client

Aminata Jalloh is a children's book author.

Aminata recognized there was a significant gap in children’s book reflecting the diverse and multi-cultural experiences which spoke to the changing realities of families in America. This inspired her desire to write children’s stories that allowed more children to see their experiences reflected in literature.

Aminata’s debut children’s book, The Biggest Little Brother, began as a story loosely based on her own experiences growing up as a first-generation Sierra Leonean–American and blossomed into a children's book reflecting the changing landscape of American families.

Skills: Web Design, WordPress

Aminata Writes home page screenshot

Grand Opening Coupon

Client: Salon Chic

salon chic coupon10


WordPress Website

Client: Yellow Cab of Sheboygan


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To build their online presence, we built a website for Yellow Cab in Sheboygan, WI. A simple responsive single page site designed specifically for their customer's on-the-go needs. All of their company details (phone number) are presented in an easy to perceive way.

Overall, the design’s clean and light appearance conveys a serious and professional look to evoke their top qualities of trust and reliability

Skills: WordPress, HTML, CSS


Logo and Web Design

Client: PR in Pumps


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We created a brand identity for a young and fresh company in Dayton, Ohio called PR in Pumps.

About Client:
PR in Pumps is a PR agency focused on event production, writing, and social media.They are passionate about creating favorable reputations through several and different communication channels in the midwest. The owner, Samantha, wants people to know they’re organized, but also cool and fun.

PR in Pump’s target customers are other small businesses and individuals who are trendy and social but business minded. They are also likely to live in an urban setting and are 30-60 years old.

The primary goal of this project was to engage and draw in new clients and make it easy for them to reach out.

pr in pumps logo design

What we did:
To help launch their new brand and identity we gave Samantha a custom designed logo and a website. Both will give her new company an image and voice - both online and off.

Based on their client’s demographics we gave PR in Pumps a style that was modern, social, minimalistic, clean, and eye-catching. It’s masculine with hints of femininity.

The WordPress website includes a pagebuilder, slideshow, fun counters, a blog and portfolio of works. A contact form was created on the homepage for the purpose of new prospects or clients being able to reach her easily and quickly.

By including social media feeds and a blog it works towards her goal of creating transparency between the brand and social media. The website has balanced, simple square shapes and clean lines and colors, which supports her mission to be organized, but still be cool and fun.

Skills: WordPress, Illustrator, Branding, CSS

PR In Pumps website home page screenshot

BricknFire Pizza Company's marketing materials
Marketing Materials

Client: BricknFire Pizza Company

BricknFire Pizza Company's marketing materials

About Client:
Megan Lanasa opened BricknFire in 2014 and is passionate about creating original, artisan, Neapolitan style pizza using the highest quality and freshest ingredients for families. Pizza is BnF’s passion and their goal is to bring customers the best pizza experience they have ever had. Period!

Halloween Flyer 
Megan first reached out to us for a Halloween flyer for their BrickenFires’s Boo Festival. We designed a custom Halloween flyer that was clean, professional to spread the word of their Boo Festival.

BNF facebook ocer

Facebook Cover

Megan was very pleased with our Halloween flyer, she decided to have us design more of her marketing items. Our next project was to design her a custom Facebook cover, which she wanted the new design to have more of a rustic feel. We placed client provided images on top of a grey wood background, which greatly added an authentic look and feel to the design. The final design really embraced their rustic charm.



Next up she was offering coupons to customers - “Buy any Pizza and Receive the 2nd for 50% Off”. Again the client wanted us to carry over the ‘rustic’ style to the coupon, with wood incorporated into the layout. We designed a quarter page coupon with a similar modern rustic style used for the Facebook cover. We also added an actual picture of one of their pizzas to grab customer’s attention and get their mouths watering and their appetites stirring.


Next we worked on recreating their current catering menu to be more visually pleasing. We maintained the simplicity that they carry throughout their other marketing materials. The final menu design will be printed on brown paper. Finalized design coming soon.

Skills: InDesign, Illustrator

Website, Logo, Business Cards, & Social Media Design

Client: Leslie James Events

website screenshots

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About Client
Leslie James, an event planner & workshop expert, came to us looking to get her new company off the ground and online with a logo, business cards, a website, and a Facebook company page. Leslie James Events is all about creating amazing memories for the celebrations in life from sweet newborn blessings that arrive and milestone birthdays to dream weddings. Her business also extends to another passion of hers - hosting workshops for women.

Leslie was looking for a professional, feminine and simplistic look. As she loved black and white, we selected to use them as the main brand colors with gold and nude as secondary colors.

leslie james events logo concepts

Logo Design
For her logo, we had a woman holding flowers and looking as if she is decorating, which is part of being an event planner. We also had the woman wearing high heels, because Leslie loves heels and is known for always wearing a great pair of heels -- they’re her signature look. We used a script font to bring a feminine element in and combined it with a simple sans-serif font. The use of imagery and typography creates an overall feel of elegance.

Website Design and Development
For her website we went with a professional, modern glamour style developed in WordPress. We highlighted her two main service areas (events & workshop) and incorporated her values and personality from beginning to end. The final design promotes high quality craft-inspired images and well-organized content in combination with social media elements, SEO optimization and advanced event features, such as a blog alert, an event calendar and registration.

As always, the website is mobile-friendly and works on all mobile devices.

Business Cards
In addition to her website, Illy wanted to begin building relationships and networking with people via social media. To appear professional and attractive, we created custom profile and cover photo designs.

leslie james events facebook cover

Social Media
In addition to her website, Illy wanted to begin building relationships and networking with people via social media. To appear professional and attractive, we created custom profile and cover photo designs.

End Results
After getting to know Leslie and the passion behind her business, we believe we have accomplished the goal for visually reflecting the character of Leslie James Events. Through colors and layout we created a relaxing, high-end, and exquisite brand that Leslie was seeking for with the design of her logo and website. In the end, she has arrived on the scene with a stylish and professional brand image.. now that’s a reason to celebrate!

Skills: Web Design, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator


Logo & Website Design

Client: Social Story Media

social story media website screenshots

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About Client

Social Story Media is a social story and media consulting company targeting small to mid-sized companies, as well as non-profits. They can handle any project related to developing effective strategies for social media, content management, advertising, branding, PR, and media relations.

social story media logo

Kate from Social Story Media came to us looking to attract more clients online, so we designed her a brand, logo and a one page website. She wanted a simple black and white font themed logo. To visually convey their business’s personality, we went with an uncluttered, modern, and professional – but not overly corporate — design style.

The main goal for the website was to get potential clients interested in their services and lead visitors to set up a consultation. For them to be easily contacted, the visitor finds everything he or she needs to contact Social Story Media immediately. When they first land on the site, visitors are one click away from reaching out to the company. The page finishes up with a conversational and engaging contact form to gather information for a free consultation.

Also featured on the website are three main blocks of content with a parallax background image set in a black and white toned design. To keep it professional we went with clean lines, custom icons, and a mobile-friendly layout.

Skills: Branding, Illustrator, WordPress

social story media final website screenshot

Flyer Design

Client: HearthStone of Wisconsin


Let's Dance! Every spring, HearthStone hosts an annual spring dance for young people. This year's concept was "In like a lion...out like a lamb". With this concept, I came up with a custom gentle lion and lamb design as the feature in combination with light, neutral colors. The flyer features unique typography touches and layout with clovers making up the background.

The finished design has a fun and welcoming feel - now that's something to "Roar" about!

Skills: Illustrator, InDesign

spring dance full flyer

Flyer Design

Client: Tasha's Tables and Chairs

A modern, chic, and attractive flyer was designed to promote her business.

Skills: Print Layout, InDesign

Logo and Business Cards

Client: Christina Williams Photography

logo design and graphic design

Testimonial: "Amazing job! Works fast and provided several options."

Christina Williams Photography specializes in taking photographs of babies and children, engagements, families, and she recently branched into boudoir photography. Her business is fun and family orientated, but has a romantic side for couples. Photography has always been her passion and her mission is to give clients photos that express the happiness and joy they’re feeling at a given moment. Capturing precious moments in time is what Christina Williams Photography is all about.

Previously called Live in the Moment Photography, she renamed her business and needed a new logo to match. Her new logo needed to be feminine and artistic. With that, we design a logo with a little watercolor and an accent color. The goal of the logo was to encourage people to utilize Christina William’s photography services.

Skills: Illustrator, Branding, Typography