You have questions. We have answers. Preparing for a design project can raise many questions. We are here to help. 


You may be thinking, "their prices are not listed, they must be high." This is untrue. Each project is unique as is the price. There are too many variables (complexity, creative direction, goals, technology/skils, etc..) to have a standard one-price-fits-all.
Yes, we offer additional revisions at our hourly rate.
We currently accept PayPal payments, checks and credit cards. There will typically be two milestones in which part of the total cost is due. The first milestone is the project deposit and is due before work begins. The 2nd milestone payment is due at project completion, before any final files are delivered. All milestone payment due dates will be detailed in your proposal. We provide an estimate as early as possible that's based on a number of factors: budget, time frame, estimated scope, and complexity. View our Terms and Conditions for more details.
For graphic design projects we use the Adobe software, e.g Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.. For web design projects we use WordPress, Notepad ++ (HTML/CSS), Dreamweaver, and other various web building platforms.
Since we are a remote business, our hours vary. We accept emails anytime. We prefer to schedule all calls in advance so we can allot the proper amount of time for our conversation.
Remotely; so we're all over! Not all design companies are created equal, and sometimes that means crossing some borders outside of your city. That's why we work REMOTELY. We might not be next door, but our ideas and expertise are readily accessible from anywhere. We do great work for everyone, regardless of location. (We do not have a physical location).
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Design Questions

Graphic design is the art of projecting ideas with visual content. It's a form of design that communicates through images and words - such as logos. We assemble together images, typography, and words to create a piece of design for print media - such as brochures. Check out all our graphic design services for yourself!
Web design is the planning, designing, and creation of websites. Their role involves the visual aspects of a website - layout, color, images, and typography. A web developer is responsible for all the technical stuff that happens behind-the-scenes to ensure a website works properly. What we do is web design and front-end coding. We don't do advanced web coding such as shopping carts or databases. Check out all our website services for yourself!
This year, more people will access the Internet via mobile devices. For this reason, we make sure that when people visit your website on a mobile device, they will see a beautifully designed website that is mobile-friendly. A responsive design automatically reformats your website for all screen sizes, so your website visitors can easily interact with your site no matter what device they’re using. Don't let a bad web experience push your customers away from your business or service. See why your business should Go Responsive!
Totally depends on the size and scope of the website project and our capacity at the time. Generally speaking our sites can take 20-30 days to up to 3 months, depending on the size and functionality.
The simple answer is - it varies. This is like asking a mechanic, “What’s it going to cost to fix my car?” before he/she ever looks under the hood. Websites come in all shapes and sizes. Equally, the cost for a website will vary with the project size and the time needed to develop it. The cost is based on the amount of time it takes to register the domain, setup the hosting server, build the website, create the graphics and gather content.
Absolutely! We create websites that are powered by a content management system (WordPress) that allows the owner or staff to update general copy. And depending on your needs, we can also provide additional functionality, such as blogs, news, calendars, portfolios, etc, that allow more sophisticated updates. We'll make sure it’s a cinch to update your website.
Domain name and hosting must be purchased by the client; however, we can assist you with domain set up, hosting, and installing WordPress.