Creative Christmas Packaging & Ad Designs

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] Around the holiday season most companies will deck out their packaging designs to match the Christmas season in hopes of increasing sales. Package designs are important towards selling your product as most individuals will judge the quality of the product solely based on the packaging design itself. With Christmas almost here, we have collected some of the most eye-catching, uniquely creative, Christmas packaging and ad designs we love.     We hope you enjoyed our list of Christmas inspired designs. If you have any others you love, please share it with us. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Twingenuity Graphics. [getsocial app=”sharing_bar”]

Colors, Colors, & More Colors: A Color Theory Infographic

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] When it comes to how you feel—tired, energized, creative, irritable—you might blame the night’s sleep, a lack of exercise, or work stress. But have you ever thought about how color makes you feel? Color theory helps us understand why different colors work together, and how those combinations affect us. For starters, there are three primary colors—red, yellow, and blue. Different combinations of those colors create every other color. And where colors land on the color wheel help to explain why they work—or don’t work—well together, and what feelings they might engender. Still confused? This fantastic graphic, thanks to, will help you sort it out. Understanding the basics of color […]

The Walking “Website”: Bring Your Website Back From the Dead

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] As the season premiere of The Walking Dead draws closer (and we #MeetLucille) we at Twingenuity Graphics have come up with 6 tips to bring your ‘walking website’ back from the dead — and make your website as effective as Daryl with a crossbow. The ‘walkers’ (zombies) in The Walking Dead come after the survivors relentlessly, sometimes only a few stragglers at a time, other times in a herd. Attracted by sound or blood, they’ll hone in on their target and move toward it with a single-minded focus.The characters are often trapped and afraid, feeling as if there is no escape from being bitten by the ‘walkers’. Now, […]

Let’s Talk “About” Pages: 7 Tips for Your About Page

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] Do find it difficult to talk about yourself? If you’re like us, we don’t like doing it and it feels awkward. That’s why writing the About page on your website can be so difficult. Yet, this likely is one of your most visited pages on your website.Which is great! … Unless your About page is simply an afterthought you added because everyone else has one (uh-oh). So, while it’s a popular page, it’s probably (maybe) also one of your weakest. We have come across many that read like a sleep inducing report: “We seek to deliver optimized quality through our dedicated production of service X…” It really says […]

How To Make My PowerPoint Look Amazing (without being a designer)

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] The presenter takes their place. Anticipation! The speaker fiddles around with the computer and then… their first slide! Oh, no, 10 bullet points, no image and more text follows as the presenter drones on, slowly driving a lethal stake into their presentation… and the audience. Has this ever happened to you while sitting in an audience? Presentations have gained a bad rep—for good reason. At one point, we’ve all sat through those long-winded speeches and hot mess PowerPoints. Don’t fear, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 mistakes to avoid and what to do instead to improve your next PowerPoint presentation. (These presentation […]

Find Free Photos You’ll Actually Want to Use

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] “Good design is good business.” – Thomas Watson, Jr. In design, photography is only growing in importance, after all pictures can say a thousand words. Imagery is one of the best methods to represent you and your brand in the best light and connect emotionally with your customers. As designers ourselves we have spent hours looking for the free stock image that we actually WANT to use. We can’t stand ugly cliché stock photos or cheesy looking photos. (You know what we’re talking about, people in suits shaking hands or with phony smiles.) Luckily, more and more free stock photo websites are popping up. Now there are more […]

9 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Domain Name for Your Website

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”] What’s in a name? For your website… everything. Names have power. And we know that selecting the perfect domain name to represent your website and your business is a lot of pressure. You want to make sure it’s right for you, but there are literally thousands of words and combinations to pick from. The right domain name can make or break your site, so it’s important to take your time and create a good one. Now don’t let this tie you into knots. Creating a domain name isn’t hard to do, but it does take time and preparation on your end.   First… what exactly is a domain? […]

Graphic Design Lingo

[getsocial app=”sharing_bar”]   Understanding how printing works (and how to speak the language of printers) is important for designers and business owners as well. But are you confused by printing terms such as bleed, resolution, and CMYK?  Keep this jargon-busting glossary close by to get you well on your way to understanding what graphic designers are talking about. Above the fold:: The portion of a webpage that’s visible without scrolling. In print, it’s the portion of the paper that’s visible when folded. Bleed :: Refers to printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming. In other words, the bleed is the area to be cut off. These marks (along with the crop […]