how a bad website design affects your business

How A Bad Website Design Affects Your Business

Getting clients is hard. Don’t make it even harder by having an unattractive website that makes prospective clients cringe. This is not the effect you want your website to have…. Carrie, an interested client, finds your website. Carrie is excited to see what you have to offer – maybe she was even referred to you by someone. (Isn’t that exciting?).   And like most customers today, the first thing Carrie is […]

creative christmas designs - packaging and ads

Creative Christmas Packaging & Ad Designs

Around the holiday season most companies will deck out their packaging designs to match the Christmas season in hopes of increasing sales. Package designs are important towards selling your product as most individuals will judge the quality of the product solely based on the packaging design itself. With Christmas almost here, we have collected some of the most eye-catching, uniquely creative, Christmas packaging and ad designs we love.     […]


Colors, Colors, & More Colors: A Color Theory Infographic

When it comes to how you feel—tired, energized, creative, irritable—you might blame the night’s sleep, a lack of exercise, or work stress. But have you ever thought about how color makes you feel? Color theory helps us understand why different colors work together, and how those combinations affect us. For starters, there are three primary colors—red, yellow, and blue. Different combinations of those colors create every other color. And where […]

the walking website; bring your website back from the dead

The Walking “Website”: Bring Your Website Back From the Dead

As the season premiere of The Walking Dead draws closer (and we #MeetLucille) we at Twingenuity Graphics have come up with 6 tips to bring your ‘walking website’ back from the dead — and make your website as effective as Daryl with a crossbow. The ‘walkers’ (zombies) in The Walking Dead come after the survivors relentlessly, sometimes only a few stragglers at a time, other times in a herd. Attracted […]


Let’s Talk “About” Pages: 7 Tips for Your About Page

Do find it difficult to talk about yourself? If you’re like us, we don’t like doing it and it feels awkward. That’s why writing the About page on your website can be so difficult. Yet, this likely is one of your most visited pages on your website.Which is great! … Unless your About page is simply an afterthought you added because everyone else has one (uh-oh). So, while it’s a […]