Fueled by creativity. Inspired by innovation.

Hi! We're Brittany and Ashley, the twin designers behind Twingenuity Graphics. As web and graphic designers, our job is to make your business look more attractive online and on paper. Whether, you’re just starting out, a small to mid-size business owner, or none of the above, creating engaging and professional design work is hard, but we’re here to help you MAKE IT HAPPEN.

ARE YOU READY to be a bolder, better looking business?

Our clients often ask us for creative ideas - "big ideas". But big ideas aren't enough. Without a strategy there's no way to distinguish between a "big creative idea" and the right idea. We believe that a design can't just look pretty, it also has to function and produce results. Essentially, we dig deeper, we're thinkers + creators. We work from the inside out. We help you find that special something about your business and then celebrate it. It's why we do, what we do!


Meet the Designers


Co-Founder & Designer

Powered by creativity
Inspired by innovation
A forward thinking design strategist

Favorite Design Software
Adobe InDesign

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Best Movie
Harry Potters & The Hunger Games

Favorite Project
PR in Pumps

I Geek Out When...
I find the perfect color palette

brittany and ashley

brittany and ashley


Co-Founder & Designer

A creative at heart
Stand out: I don't do boring!
Artistic talent + technical know-how

Favorite Design Software
Adobe Photoshop

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Double Chocolate Fudge

Best Movie
The Hunger Games

Favorite Project
BricknFire Pizza (who doesn't love pizza?)

I love...
Pizza & Chocolate

Why Choose Us?

We're not afraid to be different

We work together to find the perfect look that's right for you. You won't see any templates around here; instead we strive to exceed all of your design expectations with our custom designs.

We're Patient

We get it - wrapping your head around all the design and technology stuff doesn't always come easy. But don't worry, we're patient and we work with you every step of the way. Ask questions and we'll give you the answers.

Serious yet Fun

No more website horror stories or designers leaving you hanging. We balance work and fun to create fresh designs that meet your goals. We want your design journey to be an amazing one.
funny about us photo

Ready to start your project?